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Christa Gause asked a question

Scott Kelly asked a question

Drew Franco answered the question

Drew Franco
According to me owners are liable to pay real estate taxes. Renter is nothing to do with that, they should only pay rent charges or somewhat like the repairs conducted on homes. However, if you still have any doubt and want to clear it, then seek advice of professionals as they will give you detailed information about it. Even you can read good information on sites like etc. | Answered th, 2014

Vinny Truglio answered the question

vinny truglio looking for small rental space for flooring store in naussaw county | Answered th, 2014

Opal Right answered the question

Why do we hafe to go to school

opal right How you spelled your question should be your answer! | Answered th, 2014

Drake Andrade answered the question

What is average ft. retail rental space cost in London, KY

drake andrade Well the rent of a flat whether you choose it residential or commercial purpose it depends on the size, its style, location and the length of the lease. To know the exact cost you must contact to some real estate agencies or any property consultant who could assist you in finding rental flat within your budget. However, if you are not aware of such agency in London then you can lookup that showcases rental flats and apartment in nearly every area of London. Even if you search on the internet for real estate London agent you will come across lots of agencies. Choose the one that satisfies your requirement within your budget. | Answered th, 2014

Lisa Schott asked a question

Is a landlord allowed to charge a friend staying with a friend money for rent


Robert Warren answered the question

Any cheap car rental company in San Diego, CA?

Robert Warren San Diego is a beautiful place. It is famous for places like Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, Belmont Park and Sea World San Diego. is the best car rental company which provides low prices rent a car services at San Diego Airport and also in city from top car rental suppliers like Alamo, Avis, Europcar etc. I hired car from this company in my previous trip to San Diego. Service was good. The condition of the car was good. This brand is quite new to me and due to it is the cheapest, therefore i pick this and finally not regret. | Answered th, 2013

Robert Almer asked a question

What is a good but not too expensive car rental in Salzburg, Austria that provides luxury car hire services?


Nicole Ellis answered the question

Is the 2bd beach style bungalow in ocean park still available?

Nicole Ellis seems like it was fake? | Answered th, 2013

Alma Martinez asked a question

Madison Espy asked a question

Sandra Walker asked a question

Leroy White asked a question

We need church/media space for rent


Mike Chan asked a question


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